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The 6 Foot House is ideal for food service and indoor promotions. It can be staffed by one or two people and has two 19in depth counters. The unit is built with a 38 inch counter height. It can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Optional casters allow booth to be easily moved for cleaning or storage.




This model includes an upper frame assembly
with four sided house style roof



Furniture grade PVC framework, assembled bottom folding frame, 2 FDA approved marine grade counter, unprinted marine vinyl valance & skirt, heavy duty soft side carrying cases, assembly/care instructions.



2 person set-up
in approximately 10 minutes


1-2 person capacity




  6 FOOT HOUSE         6 FOOT HOUSE    
  Front Width: 6 Feet (1.8 Meters)       With Unprinted Vinyl* $2,440  
  Depth: 4 Feet 9 Inches (1.5 Meters)       With Digital Printing $3,490  
  Height: 8 Feet 4 Inches (2.5 Meters)            
  Counter Height: 38 Inches (.97 Meters)       DIGITALLY PRINTED VINYL      
  Counter Size: 19 Inches X 35.25 Inches (.48 Meters X .90 Meters)       6 Foot Rectangular Skirt $680  
  Advertising Space: 85 Square Feet (7.9 Square Meters)       6 Foot Rectangular Roof
  WEIGHT         ACCESSORIES      
  110 Pounds (50 Kilograms)         Under Counter Shelf $84  
            6 Foot Caster Set (9) $105  
            Adjustable Cash Box Shelf $64  
      *Available in 16 standard colors     



Follow the Artwork Requirements checklist.

Then use the Graphic Design Template for set up and layout.