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The 4 Foot Rectangular models are lightweight and portable, yet provide a good presence and sturdy furniture grade PVC framework. They are offered in three configurations to meet your specific needs. Each was designed for promotions where space is limited and will fit on the end of an aisle for in-store usage. The booths can be set up in about 10 minutes and each of the 4 Foot models weigh less than 70 pounds.



Four feet of counter space, 38 inches tall



Furniture grade PVC framework, assembled bottom folding frame, 1 FDA approved marine grade counter, unprinted marine vinyl valance & skirt, heavy duty soft side carrying cases, assembly/care instructions.



1 person set-up
in approximately 5 minutes


1 person capacity




  4 FOOT DEMO         4 FOOT DEMO    
  Front Width: 4 Feet (1.2 Meters)       With Unprinted Vinyl* $684  
  Depth: 2 Feet 6 Inches (.76 Meters)       With Digital Printing $1,104  
  Height: 38 Inches (.97 Meters)            
  Counter Height: 38 Inches (.97 Meters)       DIGITALLY PRINTED VINYL      
  Counter Size: 19 Inches X 47.75 Inches (.48 Meters X 1.2 Meters)       4 Foot Rectangular Skirt $574  
  Advertising Space: 27 Square Feet (2.5 Square Meters)       ACCESSORIES    
            Under Counter Shelf $84    
  WEIGHT         4 Foot Caster Set (8) $95  
  50 Pounds (23 Kilograms)         Adjustable Cash Box Shelf $84  
      *Available in 16 standard colors     



Follow the Artwork Requirements checklist.

Then use the Graphic Design Template for set up and layout.